Sled Accessories



Reflectors make you visible in the dark.
They fit all our kicksled models.

Reflector tape, Selfadhesive T100

Pendulous Reflector T110

Reflector, Disc T115


 Wirebasket T120
Suits all models
Headlights & Bell
To attract attention of other road users, fits all our kicksled models. T130 T170
 Child loop T220

To take children in a convenient and safe way. Mounts easily with two screws.
Of molded birch, lacquered. Fits all adult kicksleds.

Hammock T600

Footrest or cargo space. Lacquered birch. Fits all our kicksleds.
See the picture above.
Plastic runners T300, 35mm wide T315, 55mm wide
For extra bearing in the soft snow. Fits Vansbro and Dala kicksleds.
Movie: Kicksled rider
on Crusted snow

2-wheel set T320
To assist in patchy bare ground. Folds up and down with your foot.
Fits all models except kicksled Dalakicksled
6-wheel set T330
Make your kicksled to a year-round vehicle. Ball bearing wheels and non-slip footpads.
Easy to install and easy-curved. Fits all kicksled models.
Spark Plough T500
Both a fun toy for kids and a good tool to plow
eg. road to the woodshed or mailbox. The plow is made of strong metal,
A model of a real Roadplough. It has a strong articulated bracket and three pieces of skis that allow the plow glides like a real roadplough. Painted in a bright red corrosion preventative color.
Fits all our kicksleds.
Padlock T700
Chain with lock T710
Plastic Footrest T420
Fits Vansbro- och Dala sleds
Protective Cover
Art Nr: T800
Fits All