About Us

Vansbro Kicksled Factory is the leading manufacturer of kicksleds.

Our factory is located in Äppelbo in Dalarna County.

Our range consists of three different types of kicksleds:

and the design praised enmedssparken Monomed.

Besides kicksleds, we also sell a wide range of kicksled accessories.

the Kicksled – Our environmentally friendly vehicles!?
The Kicksled, which is a Swedish invention with an approximately 150-year history,
is actually listed as a vehicle.
It is powered by man “power” and is therefore extremely environmentally friendly.
Although the kicksled is considered as a vehicle under road traffic regulations it must be operated on the same side of the road as pedestrians.

What is a kicksled made of?
Our kicksleds are made of Swedish birch wood.
The steel in the runners comes from the steel mill in Boxholm
and is partly made ​​of scrapped cars.
Wooden parts are coated with a water based lacquer.